Meet former students

Irene Donà

Engineer – FIAMM

I chose Materials Engineering because it is a recent, stimulating field of study, on which research and innovation will increasingly focus. My dream has always been to improve and develop materials in the context of environmental sustainability. Today I work at Fiamm, a large company that produces batteries, acoustic devices and antennas; in particular, I participate in the development of new ecological “salt-based” batteries, for electric cars and buses and energy storage from renewable sources

Giulia Franceschini

PhD Student – University Denis Diderot, Paris (France)

Engineering has allowed us to have electricity, to travel by air and by sea, to go faster and further, and even to imagine the cities of the future facing the challenges that await us. e.g. pollution control and waste management. Experience, ingenuity, responsibility and inventiveness are the skills that are required and therefore stimulated by this discipline. I chose to follow the Materials Engineering course because it would have allowed me to deepen a global knowledge relating to everything that surrounds us. This knowledge then allowed me to develop a critical point of view on the techniques used up to now in the industrial sector. After my master’s degree, I began a doctorate in collaboration with an industrial partner at the Denis Diderot University in Paris, aimed at creating a prototype for the automotive sector.

Andrea Berto

Implementation Consultant – Granta Design (Cambridge, U.K.)

I chose Materials Engineering because it touches a wide range of disciplines and therefore offers multiple professional opportunities. I work as an Implementation Consultant at Granta Design LTD, a leading company in the materials data management sector. Knowledge of materials, their properties, and transformation processes is essential because it allows me to communicate with our customers and understand their needs in terms of material data management.

Francesca Bisaglia

Engineer – RTM Breda

Engineering of Materials offers a preparation that allows to range over various production fields, starting from the basic constituent of each component: the material (plastic, metal or ceramic) and its characteristics. After graduation, I specialized in the metallurgical sector, through targeted training courses and work experience in this field. I currently work in RTM Breda Srl, a research and testing center for structural metals.

Riccardo Antico

Engineer – FDB

I chose materials engineering because I was looking for a new, stimulating degree course with practical and concrete possibilities of application. After preliminary work experience, I started working at FDB – Forgia Di Bollate, a manufacturer of rolled steel and forged steel rings up to 14 tons and 8,000 mm in diameter. My university education is adequate for the type of work done, not only for the learning of technical knowledge, but also for the development of an appropriate mindset.

Francesco Zangrossi

Engineer – Saipem eni

I chose Materials Engineering in order to understand the nature, characteristics and uses of all classes of existing materials. Now I work for Saipem s.p.a., of the Eni group; I am a technician who deals with NDT and settings of automatic ultrasonic systems for the control of welded pipes of oil lines or gas pipelines in naval vessels.