What to study and how

Master’s degree in Materials Engineering

The course completes the training of materials engineerz and prepares them for managerial and research and development functions mainly in the manufacturing industry and related services. Compulsory in-depth courses aim at providing: – completion of basic and methodological training – tools for in-depth knowledge of all classes of materials (courses in Science and technology of ceramic materials, glass and composite materials) – production methodologies of the different classes of materials – mechanical design – technologies of transformation and processing of materials – selection and management of materials in operation. The courses are mainly in English. With the elective courses the student obtains the widest preparation in the aspects most suited to his nature and his job expectations.


The training, starting from the A.Y. 2021-2022, should follow one of 3 curricula: – AMASEAdvanced Materials Science and Engineering [International Master leading to a double degree, with at least six months in one of the partner universities: https: // www. eusmat.net/international-studies/master/amase] – Functional materials (Materials for energy/Nano-bio materials) – Materials for advanced technologies.  Each curriculum offers a different articulation of compulsory and optional courses (with courses completely in English for the AMASE curriculum). Many courses include design, experimentation and analysis activities in teaching and research laboratories.

OPEN DAY (Intro in Italian)
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