Occupational opportunities

Master degree in Chemical and Process Engineering

The main employment opportunities for the students who graduate in the Master degree of Chemical and Process Engineering are related to innovation and development in production, advanced design, planning and programming, management of complex processes (either as a freelancer or in production or service companies), in control and in public administrations. Employment perspectives are excellent, also thanks to the continuous interaction with the industrial world and the presence of an industrial Advisory Board.
In particular, chemical and process engineers will be able to find a job in: industries for the transformation of raw materials (chemical, food, pharmaceutical and process) or energy (from conventional and renewable sources); companies in the biological, biotechnological and biomedical sectors; service company for the management of equipment and plants (engineering company); design firms and research and development centers of public and private companies; institutions operating in the solid, liquid and gaseous waste treatment sector; companies and civil and industrial corporations in the role of safety managers; bodies responsible for environmental protection and control.
On average, the first job is found within a few months of obtaining the Master’s Degree, but cases in which a stable job is found even after only a few weeks from the end of the studies are not uncommon.
Graduates of this course can also be admitted to the PhD in Industrial Engineering at the University of Padova.