Chemical and process Engineering

MSC Degree

Master Science in Chemical and Process Engineering

The Master’s Degree in Chemical and Process Engineering allows students to learn a method which, using the fundamental principles of chemistry, physics and biology and software tools for calculation and design, allows them to face various applications of the process industry and applied research, with particular attention to the transformation of matter and energy, through a systematic and general approach.

Teaching laboratories

Numerous teaching laboratories support the courses of the students in Chemical and Process Engineering. Furthermore, calculation centers and the industrial engineering libraries are also available.

Research laboratories

The research laboratories represent the engine of the research activity of the reference teachers in Chemical and Process Engineering. They offer numerous opportunities to students for Master Thesis projects. The laboratories occupy a total area of ​​over 4500 square meters and are equipped with state-of-the-art systems and instrumention.


Since October 2018, this Master degree has obtained Eur-Ace international accreditation, a European high quality standard for student education. Accreditation aims at facilitating and fostering professional mobility, promoting the recognition of the qualification at a European level. Accreditation was achieved because the course of study meets high standards of: organization, quality of professors, degree of student satisfaction in terms of acquired skills and level of employment. This is recognized by employers throughout Europe and also guarantees students the acquisition of the Eur-Ing title.


The Master degree provides professional opportunities in: processing industries of raw materials (chemical, petrochemical and process), energy (from conventional and renewable sources) and fine chemicals; industries for the production of consumer goods (food, pharmaceuticals, personal hygiene and house cleaning, nanotechnologies); companies in the biological, biotechnological and biomedical sectors; service company for the design and management of equipment and systems (engineering company); research and development centers of public and private companies; industrial safety consultancy; bodies and companies responsible for environmental protection and control; freelancer.


General information:

Student service office: Department of Industrial Engineering, Via Venezia, 1 (third floor) – Padova

International students:
International Desk – Department of Industrial Engineering

Prof. Fabrizio Bezzo (Programme coordinator)