Teaching laboratories

The didactic laboratories that are included in the courses allow the student to become familiar with the concepts learned in class either through direct practical experiences or using simulation software.

Industrial process safety and risk analysis laboratory

Reference: Dr. Paolo Mocellin

  • Computer-aided activities to build, evaluate and mitigate process industry risk
  • Development of computational codes to quantify blaze scvenarios, explosions and atmospheric dispertion of dangerous materials in an industrial environment
  • Development of computational codes to evaluate the reliability of chemical industry equipment

Multiphase thermodynamics and transport phenomena lab

Reference: Dr. Matteo Strumendo

  • Measurement of the thermodynamic properties of a mixture: molar partial volumes and excess volumes

Process and fluid dynamics simulation lab

Reference: Prof. Fabrizio Bezzo

  • Flowsheet modelling in commercial process simulation software
  • Sensitivity analysis, design specifications, and optimization of chemical processes
  • Grid definition for computational fluid dynamics application
  • Fluid dynamics simulation of process equipment and post-processing analysis
  • Simulation and analysis of multiphase and reactive flows

Process design laboratory

Reference: Prof. Fabrizio Bezzo

  • Development of industrial process flowsheet through process simulators
  • Equipment design and cost-of-capital estimate
  • Energetic integration through pinch analysis software
  • Production cost calculation and analysis of investment return

Transformation processes and recycling of plastic materials lab

References: Prof. Michele Modesti, Doc. Carlo Boaretti

  • Thermal characterization of polymeric materials
  • Compounding and pelletizing for color masterbatches
  • Production of samples by Injection molding

Life cycle assessment in strategic environmental management lab

Reference: Doc. Alessandro Manzardo

  • Product life-cycle modelling through Simapro
  • Process impact evaluation on product life cycle

Data analytics and industrial design of experiments lab

Reference: Prof. Pierantonio Facco

  • Process unbderstanding and troubleshooting through (big) process data analysis
  • Predition of process performance through machine learning on process data
  • Designing experimental campaignes in manufacturing and process industry
  • Developing techniques for the digitalization in Industry 4.0

Particle technology Lab

Reference Prof. Andrea Santomaso

  • Experiment 1. High shear wet granulation
  • Experiment 2. Sieve analysis
  • Experiment 3. Bulk densities : A. Poured bulk density ; B. Tap bulk density ; C. Dispersed bulk density
  • Experiment 4. Angle of repose and flowability
  • Experiment 5. Shear cell test
  • Experiment 6. The prediction of flow rate
  • Experiment 7. Shape by image analysis
  • Rules of conduct in Lab
  • How to write a report

Laboratory of Process dynamics and control

Reference: Prof. Massimiliano Barolo

• Dynamic simulation of equipment and system
• PID controller tuning • Synthesis of advanced controllers

Laboratory of Separation unit operation

Reference: Prof. Sara Spilimbergo

• Demonstration of the operation of a sieved tray and of column packing
• Start-up and operation of a distillation column