The Master’s degree course in Electrical Energy Engineering has several teaching and research laboratories and test rooms for the testing of machines and equipment, including high-powered ones. In addition to the specific software used in the various laboratories, the workstations in the room “Polo di Calcolo Meccanico” and the hall “Aula Didattica Taliercio” are used for computer simulation and design activities in the teaching and research field.

Laboratory of Energy Storage

Accountable: Prof. Massimo Guarnieri

Main activities:

Analytical, numerical and experimental studies on energy storage systems

Topics covered:

  • Fuel Cells
  • Redox Flow Batteries
  • Electrolysers
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Multiphysics modeling
  • Structural optimization
  • Functional optimization
  • Devices characterization

Laboratory of electrical measurements

Accountables: Prof. Pietro Fiorentin, Ing. Renato Gobbo

Principal activities:

Laboratory exercises in which measurement circuits are made and the main electrical quantities are measured, putting into practice the basics of the measurement process, in accordance with the regulations.

Topics covered:

  • Resistance and impedance measurement with direct and zero methods
  • Waveform analysis: average and instantaneous parameters
  • Measurement of electrical power on single-phase and multi-wire circuits, in sinusoidal and distorted regime

    Laboratory for Lighting Technology and Photometry

    Responsabile: Prof. Pietro Fiorentin

    Main activities:

    Demonstrations of the main quantities used in lighting engineering and photometry. Description of the existing light sources (lamps and appliances). Light composition and colorimetry. Introduction to lighting calculation for indoor and street lighting.

    Topics covered:

    • Measurement of luminous flux, illuminance, luminous intensity
    • Spectral and colorimetric light measurements of popular light sources
    • Measurement of reflective properties of surfaces

      Laboratory of measurements on machines and systems

      Accountable: Ing. Renato Gobbo

      Main activities:

      Electrical characterisation of electrical machines and equipment in order to measure and verify their specifications.

      Topics covered:

      • Electrical characterization of power transformers
      • Electrical characterization of asynchronous motors
      • Electrical characterisation of synchronous motors/generators
      • Evaluation of the thermic regime of electrical devices

      Laboratory of high voltage

      Accountable: Ing. Renato Gobbo

      Main activities:

      Metrology of high impulsive voltages; measurement of the effects of electrical discharges over long distances and partial discharges for the analysis of waveforms and patterns associated with component defects; stress analysis between turns of rotating machines.

      Topics covered:

      • Generation and measurement of high impulse voltages (Marx generator, dividers for voltage surges)
      • Generation of high voltages at industrial frequencies
      • Atmospheric surge tests for self-resetting insulations
      • Atmospheric surge tests on power transformers
      • Measurement of partial discharges on electrical equipment

      Laboratory of Electroheat Research and Applications (ELECTRALAB)

      Accountable: Prof. Fabrizio Dughiero

      • Numerical and experimental multiphysical modelling of electrothermal processes, in particular: induction, radiofrequency, microwave heating systems
      • Special applications: food processing, electric vehicle cabin heating, production of nanomaterials, electromagnetic stirrers
      • Applications of cold plasma technologies

      Laboratory of technologies for the control of converters and electrical drives

      Accountables: Prof. Luigi Alberti, Prof. Manuele Bertoluzzo

      • Programming of microcontrollers and related peripherals to create embedded control systems
      • Design and implementation of current, speed and position control loops for electrical drives using a microcontroller system
      • Practical laboratory experimentation with microcontroller systems, inverters and real motors

      Laboratory of Electrical Systems for Automation and Vehicles

      Accountable: Prof. Manuele Bertoluzzo

      Study, design and experimentation concerning:
      • Systems for contactless recharging of electric vehicle batteries, both for stationary and moving vehicles, with unidirectional or bidirectional energy exchange to the power grid
      • On-board energy storage using hybrid battery-supercapacitor systems
      • On-board power generation using fuel cells
      • Support for on-board storage systems using photovoltaic panels