Occupational opportunities

The training acquired in this course of study is particularly effective both in the context of all the production and service activities related to the generation and transmission of electrical energy and in the very broad industrial/professional context relating to all the applications in which specific skills are required to be able to convey and use electrical energy in a safe, effective and efficient manner.
The graduate will also be able to interact usefully with professionals and environments characterised by skills other than electricity, and will therefore be able to find employment as an operator in activities related to the management and processing, with electronic and computerised means, of energy in its classical forms and also in those deriving from the most advanced energy sources. This type of training has been and continues to be particularly appropriate for integration into the productive structure of the area, which is characterised by numerous companies in the plant engineering, electromechanical, electronic and automation sectors and by many structures dedicated to the production of electrical energy, from conventional and renewable sources, and to its distribution and management. At the same time, with the knowledge of the most recent developments in the technological/application field, the aim is to promote innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises as well.