Chemical and Materials Engineering

Bachelor's degree

BSc degree

The first cycle degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering is currently the only one in Italy and aims to integrate methods, concepts and skills common to the two orientations to form the professional profile of the Process Engineer. The course is divided into three sections: physical-mathematical education (basic disciplines); basic engineering education in the industrial area; more specific education in the fields of chemistry and materials.

Chemical and Materials orientations

The course of study is only one, but it comprises two orientations. The Chemical orientation emphasizes the transformations that modify substances on a molecular scale, from fundamental chemical-physical mechanisms to the industrial scale. The Materials orientation focuses on the choice and manufacture of materials for specific uses, as well as on the development of new materials that can redefine and extend traditional sectors of use.

Internship and Laboratories

The course includes a training internship specific for each student, with highly applied character. The internship is mainly carried out in the industrial sector through agreements with companies; it can also be carried out within the university laboratories, on specific research projects. The course can count on the availability of numerous teaching and research laboratories, the Automatic Calculation Laboratory and Engineering Libraries.


Competitive student projects are activities in which groups of students, usually coordinated by a professor, work on the design and construction of engineering products or systems. Afterwards, students present their projects and demonstrate the performances of their product with in field testsat national or international events in competition with students of other universities.



On the Moodle platform of the University of Padova internship proposals for students and job offers for graduates are made available.



Informazioni generali:

Teaching Office: Department of Industrial Engineering, Via Venezia, 1 (third floor) – Padova

Prof. Irene Calliari (Programme Coordinator)