Occupational opportunities

First cycle degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering

The Chemical and Materials Engineer knows how to manage the invention, design and innovation of the transformations of matter and energy in their many forms. These transformations or processes can take place on very different scales, from the atomic/molecular one (to synthesize specific chemical substances) to the plant scale (transformations at an industrial level), going through all intermediate scales. The processes also include the development and synthesis of advanced materials, manipulating macromolecules or supramolecular structures (from nanocomposites to metallic materials, to ceramic, glassy, ​​polymeric, biomaterials), with applications in the manufacturing industry in general, including advanced sectors such as microelectronics, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, food industry, renewable fuels, up to processes of environmental importance (water treatment, emissions into the atmosphere and transformations in it) or of interest for the life sciences (biological processes, also with biomedical applications).