What subjects are studied and how – MSc

Master’s degree

The master’s degree includes compulsory courses to deepen knowledge in mechanical disciplines: applied thermodynamics and heat transfer, non-metallic materials and methods for material selection, energy conversion systems and machines 2, mechanical vibrations, digital manufacturing, industrial plants, machine design 2. In the second year a wide range of elective courses is available (also in English) arranged in 10 specialisations. Many courses include design and experiments in teaching and research laboratories.


At the second year, the following specialisations are available:
1. Machine Design and Structural Integrity
2. Collaborative and Assistive Mechanical Systems
3. Robotics and Automation
4. Road Vehicles
5. Propulsion Machines
6. Energy Sustainability in Industry
7. Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning
8. Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
9. Operations Management
10. Design and Manufacturing with Polymers and Composites

Full list of taught courses