The Degree Program in Aerospace Engineering favors enrollment and transfers by students who have obtained a degree in Aerospace Engineering in other institutions or who are attending Degree Programs in disciplines other than Aerospace Engineering. Enrollment in the Master’s Degree Course in Aerospace Engineering is subject to the possession of the curricular requirements required for access. They are reported in the Admission Notice of the School of Engineering, available on this page, which also describes the formal procedure that interested parties must follow for pre-enrollment and any official request for prior assessment and credit recognition. Normally, the document is updated once a year, well in advance (July) with respect to the deadlines for the procedures relating to the following academic year.

The transfers allow you to continue the studies begun in another university at the University of Padua. The formal procedure and deadlines are described on this page, however interested parties can at any time obtain an informal assessment of their case by making a request to the Student Practices Commission of the Degree Program. The Commission’s opinion is only indicative and not official; the only official resolution is in fact the one that is provided following the presentation of an official application for evaluation of the minimum curricular requirements, according to the University procedure. However, the preventive evaluation allows you to have a reliable answer very quickly, at any time of the year and without any expense.

To obtain an informal assessment, candidates must send an e-mail to the President of the CCS, Prof. Ugo Galvanetto, with the subject “Transfer student Name Surname from Office”, in which the request must be described and must be attached: – their study plan for the (three-year) and / or Master’s degree course attended, clearly indicating the scientific-disciplinary sectors (SSD) of the courses and the exams passed; – the official programs with the contents of each of the courses. Any e-mail communications subsequent to the first must always report the entire history of the e-mail messages already elapsed, to allow the reader (even after some time) to immediately reconstruct all the communications already elapsed (i.e. always use the key REPLY for all e-mails subsequent to the first sent)