What subjects are studied and how

First cycle degree

The degree in Aerospace Engineering offers a solid training in fundamental subjects typical of Science and Industrial Engineering and then focuses on the most characterizing aspects of Aeronautical and Space Engineering:
  • fundamental courses (mathematics, physics, chemistry) ⇒ fundamental for all branches of engineering
  • technological and economic courses (industrial technical design, economics and business organization) ⇒ training for all industrial engineering specializations
  • subjects belonging to industrial engineering (applied mechanics, electrotechnics, technical physics) ⇒ complementary and educational for preparation in aerospace engineering
  • specialist courses of aerospace engineering (dynamics of space flight, aerodynamics, constructions and structures, aerospace plants and systems) ⇒ constitute the aerospace heart of the three-year degree
  • broad spectrum elective courses (plant engineering, astronomy, information theory, materials science) ⇒ useful for technical / scientific enrichment and in-depth study in areas close to aerospace

Full list of taught courses