Energy Engineering

Master's degree

MSc degree

The second cycle degree is the natural continuation of studies for students who have obtained the relevant first cycle degree. The course finalizes the training of the energy engineer with solid knowledge and skills in design, production and management of highly technological and innovative products, plants and systems.


Several teaching, research and computational laboratories along with the industrial engineering library are available. The laboratories occupy a total area of over 4500 square meters and are equipped with state-of-the-art testing systems and instruments.

After the degree

The engineers with the Second-Cycle Degree in Energy Engineering will find employment, with managerial and coordination functions, in public institutes and private companies that deal with the generation and distribution of energy and fuels, in engineering consulting offices, in manufacturing companies that require expertise in the energy sector, in territorial agencies (regions, provinces, municipalities).


Competitive student projects are activities in which groups of students, usually coordinated by a professor, work on the design and construction of engineering products or systems. Afterwards, students present their projects and demonstrate the performances of their product with in field tests at national or international events in competition with students of other universities



On the Moodle platform of the University of Padova internship proposals for students and job offers for graduates are made available .


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