Several teaching, research and computational laboratories, the “Enrico Bernardi” library, the “Enrico Bernardi” museum and the mechanical machine shop are available. The laboratories occupy a total area of over 4500 square meters and are equipped with state-of-the-art testing systems and instruments. As an example, the Department of Industrial Engineering invested over 4 million Euros in the period 2010-2016 to acquire new technical-scientific plants and equipment for research and teaching, largely financed by private entities and industrial companies.

Laboratory of Turbomachinery and Energy Systems

Persons in charge: Guido Ardizzon, Giorgio Pavesi, Anna Stoppato

• Performance and behavior analysis of reversible machines in design and off-design conditions • Fixed speed and variable speed hydraulic turbines in design and off-design conditions • Axial turbomachinery in design and off-design conditions • Pumps in design and off-design conditions


Laboratory of Thermal and Aeraulic Machines

Person in charge: Andrea Lazzaretto

·       Performance, consumption and emissions of internal combustion engines

·       Outflow coefficients of engine cylinder heads 

·       Organized motions in the combustion chamber

·       Performance, efficiency and range of motion of industrial fans

·       Design and test of prototype industrial fans


Laboratory of Solar Energy Conversion

Person in charge: Davide Del Col

• Development and characterization of innovative receivers for linear concentration solar collectors for the production of medium temperature heat and for the cogeneration of electrical and thermal energy • Performance characterization of flat solar collectors, evacuated tubes and hybrid thermal photovoltaic devices • Measurement and modeling of solar radiation • Performance evaluation of flat photovoltaic systems.


Laboratory for Refrigeration and Heat Pumps

Persons in charge: Davide Del Col, Marco Azzolin



Laboratory of Two-Phase Heat Transfer

Persons in charge: Davide Del Col, Stefano Bortolin

• Two-phase heat exchange simulations with CFD software • Experimental tests on heat exchange with fluids in phase change by means of three plants


Didactic laboratory on heat exchangers

Person in charge: Luisa Rossetto

• Tests on a liquid-liquid exchanger • Tests on an air-liquid exchanger


Laboratory of heat transmission in micro-geometries

Person in charge: Luisa Rossetto

• Forced convection of liquids and air in metal foams • Refrigerant vaporization in micro-geometries • Condensation of refrigerant fluids in heat exchangers with large surfaces and mini-channels • Compact refrigerated units for cooling electronic components • Numerical analysis of forced convection in micro-geometries


Laboratory of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements

Persons in charge: Stefano Debei, Enrico Lorenzini, Giulio Fanti, Marco Pertile

• Application and calibration of electrical strain gauges on mechanical components; • Evaluation of the load effect of sensors; • Dynamic calibration of electrical thermometers and temperature measurements in thermal cycles; • Frequency analysis of mechanical elements using accelerometers; • Dynamic calibration of electric frequency filters; • Static calibration of a cantilever dynamometer with resistance strain gauges; • Dimensional measurements with contact instruments and with vision systems (contactless).


Photovoltaic Technologies Laboratory

Persons in charge:

• I-V characteristic measurements of photovoltaic cells (single and in series) • Effect of the bypass diode and current mismatch • Spectral response of photovoltaic cells • Measurements of the characteristics of outdoor photovoltaic modules, shading effect of the modules