The syllabi of the Second Cycle Degree in Energy Engineering  encourage enrollment and transfers of students who have obtained a degree in Energy Engineering in other universities or who are attending courses different from Energy Engineering.

Enrollment in the course is subject to the fulfillment of the minimum curriculum requirements mandatory for the access. They are listed in the Admission Notice of the School of Engineering, available on this page, which also describes the formal procedure that candidates should follow for the pre-enrollment and for any official request of evaluation of the minimum curriculum requirements. Usually, the document is updated once a year, with a reasonable advance compared to the procedure deadlines of the following academic year.

For graduates in the L9 class – Industrial Engineering with a degree mark equal to or greater than 105/110 there are no credit requirements per sector. In any case, a degree mark of at least 84/110 is required.
Direct access from the University of Padua, Bachelor’s Degree in Energy Engineering with a learning plan including the optional course units ENERGETICA, ENERGY PLANTS.
Access with requirements:
The curricular requirements are the following: achievement of a fixed number of ECTS/CFUs in the following SSDs:
SSD (ING-IND / 08, ING-IND / 09, ING-IND / 10, ING-IND / 11): CFU 28;
SSD (ING-IND / 31, ING-IND / 32, ING-IND / 33): CFU 10;
SSD (ING-IND / 19, ICAR / 01, ING-INF / 04, ING-IND / 23, ING-IND / 14, ING-IND / 16, ING-IND / 17, ING-IND / 21, ING- IND / 22, ING-IND / 25): ECTS 10.
However, at any time, interested candidates can obtain a prior assessment of their curriculum requirements by applying to the Commissione Pratiche Studenti of the Second-Cycle Degree Course. The Commission’s opinion is only indicative and unofficial; an official decision is obtained after presentation of an official request for evaluation of the minimum curriculum requirements, according to the University procedure. To obtain the preventive assessment, candidates have to send an e-mail to the committee comprising professors Luisa Rossetto and Anna Stoppato (a single e-mail with both recipients) with the subject “Transfer of the student Name Surname from …”, and which describes the request and has to comprise the following attachments:
1- The list of course units attended in the Bachelor’s Degree Course (three-year) and/or in the Second-Cycle Degree;
2- the scientific-disciplinary sectors (SSD) of each of the courses indicated in point 1.