The Doctoral Degree constitutes the third level of university education, following the master degree. It leads to the title of Ph.D. (Philosophiae Doctor). The aim of the Doctoral Degree is to prepare to scientific and technology research, by providing the skills necessary to exert high quality activities in companies, research centres, universities, and public and private entities. The Doctoral Program in Industrial Engineering (Corso di Dottorato in Industrial Engineering) at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Padova is meant to promote, organize and manage highly innovative and multidisciplinary three-years training projects of doctoral level in the various fields of Industrial Engineering.

The Doctoral Program in Industrial Engineering offers a stimulating and modern Ph.D. programme for a comprehensive education in the fields of Industrial Engineering. Students choose their field of interest under the direct supervision of one or more of the Faculty members. The Course is articulated in 5 main areas (curricula):

  • Chemical and Environmental Engineering,
  • Energy Engineering,
  • Electrical Engineering,
  • Materials Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering.

The Course offers state of the art working conditions in a challenging environment for talented researchers in one of the best academic research institutions in Italy.


Chemical and Environmental Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Energy Engineering


Materials Engineering


Mechanical Engineering



The Doctoral Program in Industrial Enginnering is supported by several institutions, research centres, and private companies.

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