Materials Engineering

Paolo Colombo

Additive manufacturing of ceramics. Geopolymers. Polymer-Derived-Ceramics. Porous ceramics.

Alberto Ortona

Hybrid materials. Ceramics. Additive manufacturing.

Enrico Negro

Development of functional materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices (fuel cells, secondary batteries, redox flow batteries): synthesis, characterization, tests in prototypes.

Monica Dettin

Design of biomaterials. Covalent functionalization of metallic, ceramic, polymeric materials with synthetic peptides to promote cell interaction.

Andrea Bagno

Biomaterials and biological tissues characterization; biological heart valves; hybrid membranes; total artificial heart. Phonocardiography. Microcirculation analysis by LDF.

Paolo Sgarbossa

Synthesis and characterization of organometallic compounds for catalysis and biological applications. Synthesis of nanomaterials and nanocomposites. Synthesis of ion conductiong polymers for electrochemical applications.

Giovanni Lucchetta

Injection molding of post-consumer recycled plastics. Micro injection molding of micro-structured functional surfaces. Digital manufacturing of polymeric materials. Advanced molding technologies for reinforced plastics.

Silvia Todros

Experimental analysis of the mechanical properties of biomaterials and biological tissues. Computational modelling of biological tissues and structures. Hydrogels for tissue engineering.

Lucia Nicola

Computational (multiscale-)modeling of the mechanical behavior of materials, with main focus on metal plasticity and contact mechanics.

Stefano Corradetti

Production and characterization of porous ceramics for nuclear applications.

Angelo Simone

Computational mechanics. Multiscale and multiphysics modeling. Generalized finite element method. Fracture and damage mechanics of quasi-brittle materials. Batteries. Composite materials.

Stefania Bruschi

Development of sustainable manufacturing processes applied to difficult-to-form and difficult-to-cut materials.

Irene Calliari

Phase transformation of stainless steel, heat treatment by pulsed and continuous current.

Enrico Bernardo

Upcycling of inorganic waste into valuable glass-based materials. Development of silicate bioceramics from novel raw materials and novel processing.

Piero Pavan

Computational biomechanics. Mechanical characterization of soft tissues by means of experimental and computational methods. Muscular tissue mechanics.

Roberta Bertani

Preparation and characterization of organometallic compounds and functional materials for catalysis and biological applications. Synthesis of multifunctional nanocomposites. Biomasses valorization.

Giorgia Franchin

Additive manufacturing of ceramics. Novel feedstocks: geopolymers, preceramic polymers, sol-gel route. Hybrid and multimaterial technologies.

Monica Fabrizio

Integration of ceramic materials in RES devices

Emanuele Luigi Carniel

Mechanics of biological tissues and structures for in silico medicine