Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Paolo Canu

Engineering of chemical reactions, involving multiple phases (S/L/G) and multistep mechanisms; experimental and modelling.

Eleonora Sforza

Optimization of photosynthetic microorganisms and bacterial cultivation for environmental, commercial and energy applications: lab experiments, growth modelling and process simulation.

Massimiliano Barolo

Process chemometrics, data analytics. Pharmaceutical engineering. Process dynamics and control. Optimal model-base design of experiments.

Fabrizio Bezzo

Process modelling and optimization for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biological industry. Optimization of carbon capture sequestration and utilization chains. Supply chain optimization for biofuel/biochemical production.

Alessandra Lorenzetti

Sustainable polymers based on renewable raw materials. Green flame retardants for polymers. Modeling of the fire behaviour of polymers. Innovative recycling processes of polymers.

Chiara Vianello

Reliability and safety in the Process Industries, risk analysis in the transportation of hazardous substances, risk analysis of infrastructure network, RBI analysis, Natech especially dealing with earthquakes and the effects on industrial and strategic infrastructures.

Anna Mazzi

Sustainability assessment and management. Life cycle sustainability assessment. Integrated management system. Ecoinnovation. Circular optimization.

Alessandro Manzardo

Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability modelling for the eco-design of new processes and materials.

Michele Modesti

Chemical recycling of thermosetting polymers. Thermal degradation and flame reaction of polymer systems. Polymer nanocomposites. Multistructured membranes based on nanofiber and nanoparticles.

Luca Palmeri

GIS based Environmental Modelling. Water Resources Management. Water Quality and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Pierantonio Facco

Development of machine learning, (statistical & model-based) design-of-experiment, and hybrid modelling methodologies for the digitalization in process, food and (bio)pharmaceutical industries 4.0.

Andrea Claudio Santomaso

Characterization and modelling of the behaviour of particulate materials (powders and grains): mixing, wet granulation, granular rheology and mechanics, powder flowability.

Sara Spilimbergo

Investigation of supercritical CO2 processes, as a low-temperature method of pasteurization for liquid and solid foodstuff, as a novel method for biopolimers production and as an innovative drying technique for food and biological matrixes.

Elisa Cimetta

Application of engineering principles to biological studies. Design and development of microscale technologies, microfluidic platforms, and 3D bioprinting for the in vitro culture of cells.

Andrea Marion

River and wetland hydrodynamics, Contaminant transport in surface waters, Fluvial sediment dynamics and river morphology, hydropower plants, ecohydraulics of natural water bodies, flood risk assessment, freshwater fish protection.

Alberto Bertucco

Modeling and simulation of chemical and biological industrial processes. CO2 capture and sequestration. Assessment of sustainability of green energy production (hydrogen, biomethane, biofuels).