Electrical Engineering

Federico Moro

Numerical/analytical methods for solving multiphysics problems and for electromagnetic compatibility analysis. Innovative electromagnetic formulations for analysing fields and circuits. Modeling and simulation of electromagnetic devices and MEMS.

Luigi Alberti

Design of electric machines and drives. Electric machines and drives for sustainable mobility and energy conversion.

Mauro Andriollo

Study of electrical machines by analytical/numerical codes. Linear motors for innovative transport systems, biomedical and industrial applications. Electromechanics/electronics simulation.

Manuele Bertoluzzo

ystem integration and control strategies for static and dynamic wireless power transfer systems. Architecture and control of high frequency resonant power converters. Single and multiple coil coupling design. Automatic optimization algorithms.

Massimo Guarnieri

Energy Storage Engineering – flow batteries, hydrogen based storage systems, battery packs and power trains for electric mobility.

Nicola Bianchi

Analysis and design of electric motors and generators. Control of electric drives. Electric vehicles and industry applications.

Michele Forzan

Numerical Modeling of Electromagnetic Processing of Material. Optimal design of electromagnetic devices.

Massimiliano Coppo

Numerical Modeling of Electromagnetic Processing of Material. Optimal design of electromagnetic devices.

Roberto Benato

Power systems analysis and computation. Large-scale energy storage in the network. EHV/HV dc and ac innovative transmission lines e.g. insulated cables and gas insulated lines. Synergy between railway and highway infrastructures and insulated cables. Multiconductor cell analysis (MCA) of asymmetric.

Elisabetta Sieni

Bioelectromagnetic, human exposure, electrochemotherapy, hyperthermia. Magnetic nanoparticles. Finite element methods for the design of electric and magnetic devices.

Roberto Turri

Power system analysis and simulation, smart grids and assessment and mitigation of human exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields

Piergiorgio Alotto

Computational electromagnetics, Electromagnetic device optimization

Fabio Bignucolo

Electrical power plants, renewable generation, distributed generation, smart grids, storage devices, stability of the electrical system, recharging stations, network and plant modeling