Mechanical Engineering

Mauro Ricotta

Development of energy methods for fatigue life assessment of metallic and polymeric materials. Static and fatigue behaviour of composite and polymeric materials.

Giulio Rosati

Kinematics, dynamics and control of mechanical systems. Optimization of industrial robotic systems and automated production lines. Human-robot interaction and medical robotics.

Andrea Ghiotti

Manufacturing processes and systems. Material forming. Machining. Post additive manufacturing processing. Tribology. Machines and characterization of thermal-related aspects for the control of micro-scale phenomena.

Alberto Campagnolo

Development of local approaches for structural durability analysis of welded components and structures. Analysis of the static and fatigue behaviour of notched components in metallic materials.

Simone Carmignato

Precision engineering. Dimensional metrology. Advanced manufacturing. Additive manufacturing. Industrial computed tomography.

Enrico Savio

Digital and Zero-Defect Manufacturing, with a focus on in-process metrology, metrology of freeform surfaces, surface topography and microparts, including the economics of measurements in industry.

Giovanni Meneghetti

Local approaches for assessing the structural integrity and durability of mechanical components and welded structures. Experimental analysis of strains and in-field load data acquisition. Energy-based methods in fatigue.

Mattia Manzolaro

Development of High Temperature Targets and Ion Sources for the production of Radioactive Ion Beams. Multiphysics Simulation.

Roberto Lot

Dynamics and Control of Road and Race Vehicles. Motorcycle Dynamics. Vehicle Safety and Sustainability.

Alberto Doria

Vibration mechanics and control. Vibration energy harvesting. Robot vibrations. Identification of mechanical systems. Stability and comfort of bicycles.

Silvio Cocuzza

Aerial robotic manipulation. Space, inspection and maintenance robotics. Soft robotics, biorobotics. Industrial, collaborative and agrifood robotics. Biomedical systems and robots. Haptics.

Leonardo De Chiffre

Metal cutting: mechanics of chip formation; friction and lubrication; tests. Metalworking tribology. Geometrical metrology: surface characterisation; coordinate metrology; traceability of measurements on coordinate measuring machines, optical scanners and CT-scanners; accredited calibration and testing.

Giulio Fanti

Mechanical and thermal measurements. Turin Shroud research.

Ilaria Palomba

Theoretical and experimental investigations in the fields of mechanics of machines, mechanical vibrations, multibody dynamics, and robotics and automation.

Matteo Massaro

Vehicle dynamics. Multibody modelling. Mechanical vibrations.

Marco Sorgato

Process chain design for micro manufacturing. Micro machining of difficult-to-cut alloys. Micro injection molding of micro-structured functional surfaces. Injection molding of high-performance plastic parts.

Nicola Petrone

Design and construction of machine components and mechanical systems. Analysis and evaluation of Sport Equipments & Rehabilitation Devices. Development of human body surrogates, orthotic, prosthetic and protective equipments.

Basilio Lenzo

Vehicle dynamics and control. Torque vectoring on electric vehicles with multiple motors. Autonomous drifting. Vehicle state estimation. Gravity balancing for robotic manipulators.

Francesca Uccheddu

Reverse Engineering, Geometric models of free-form surfaces or mechanical components, Design for Additive Manufacturing, Innovative design methods, Medical Device Design.

Matteo Bottin

Kinematics, dynamics and control of robot manipulators and automation. Collaborative robotics. Vibrations of industrial and cable robots. Applied mechanics.