Coordinator and Executive Committee

Andrea Ghiotti


Michele De Carli

Vice Coordinator

Executive Committee

Luigi Alberti, Lisa Biasetto, Michele De Carli, Andrea Ghiotti, Matteo Massaro, Michele Modesti, Federico Moro, Mauro Ricotta, Andrea Claudio Santomaso, Paolo Sgarbossa, Anna Stoppato

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Paolo Canu

Engineering of chemical reactions, involving multiple phases (S/L/G) and multistep mechanisms; experimental and modelling.

Eleonora Sforza

Optimization of photosynthetic microorganisms and bacterial cultivation for environmental, commercial and energy applications: lab experiments, growth modelling and process simulation.

Massimiliano Barolo

Process chemometrics, data analytics. Pharmaceutical engineering. Process dynamics and control. Optimal model-base design of experiments.

Fabrizio Bezzo

Process modelling and optimization for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biological industry. Optimization of carbon capture sequestration and utilization chains. Supply chain optimization for biofuel/biochemical production.

Alessandra Lorenzetti

Sustainable polymers based on renewable raw materials. Green flame retardants for polymers. Modeling of the fire behaviour of polymers. Innovative recycling processes of polymers.

Chiara Vianello

Reliability and safety in the Process Industries, risk analysis in the transportation of hazardous substances, risk analysis of infrastructure network, RBI analysis, Natech especially dealing with earthquakes and the effects on industrial and strategic infrastructures.

Anna Mazzi

Sustainability assessment and management. Life cycle sustainability assessment. Integrated management system. Ecoinnovation. Circular optimization.

Alessandro Manzardo

Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability modelling for the eco-design of new processes and materials.

Michele Modesti

Chemical recycling of thermosetting polymers. Thermal degradation and flame reaction of polymer systems. Polymer nanocomposites. Multistructured membranes based on nanofiber and nanoparticles.

Luca Palmeri

GIS based Environmental Modelling. Water Resources Management. Water Quality and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Pierantonio Facco

Development of machine learning, (statistical & model-based) design-of-experiment, and hybrid modelling methodologies for the digitalization in process, food and (bio)pharmaceutical industries 4.0.

Andrea Claudio Santomaso

Characterization and modelling of the behaviour of particulate materials (powders and grains): mixing, wet granulation, granular rheology and mechanics, powder flowability.

Sara Spilimbergo

Investigation of supercritical CO2 processes, as a low-temperature method of pasteurization for liquid and solid foodstuff, as a novel method for biopolimers production and as an innovative drying technique for food and biological matrixes.

Elisa Cimetta

Application of engineering principles to biological studies. Design and development of microscale technologies, microfluidic platforms, and 3D bioprinting for the in vitro culture of cells.

Andrea Marion

River and wetland hydrodynamics, Contaminant transport in surface waters, Fluvial sediment dynamics and river morphology, hydropower plants, ecohydraulics of natural water bodies, flood risk assessment, freshwater fish protection.

Alberto Bertucco

Modeling and simulation of chemical and biological industrial processes. CO2 capture and sequestration. Assessment of sustainability of green energy production (hydrogen, biomethane, biofuels).

Electrical Engineering

Federico Moro

Numerical/analytical methods for solving multiphysics problems and for electromagnetic compatibility analysis. Innovative electromagnetic formulations for analysing fields and circuits. Modeling and simulation of electromagnetic devices and MEMS.

Luigi Alberti

Design of electric machines and drives. Electric machines and drives for sustainable mobility and energy conversion.

Mauro Andriollo

Study of electrical machines by analytical/numerical codes. Linear motors for innovative transport systems, biomedical and industrial applications. Electromechanics/electronics simulation.

Manuele Bertoluzzo

System integration and control strategies for static and dynamic wireless power transfer systems. Architecture and control of high frequency resonant power converters. Single and multiple coil coupling design. Automatic optimization algorithms.

Massimo Guarnieri

Energy Storage Engineering – flow batteries, hydrogen based storage systems, battery packs and power trains for electric mobility.

Nicola Bianchi

Analysis and design of electric motors and generators. Control of electric drives. Electric vehicles and industry applications.

Michele Forzan

Numerical Modeling of Electromagnetic Processing of Material. Optimal design of electromagnetic devices.

Massimiliano Coppo

Modelling and simulation of active electricity networks for integration of renewables. Optimal management of distributed energy resources. Electricity and ancillary services markets.

Roberto Benato

Power systems analysis and computation. Large-scale energy storage in the network. EHV/HV dc and ac innovative transmission lines e.g. insulated cables and gas insulated lines. Synergy between railway and highway infrastructures and insulated cables. Multiconductor cell analysis (MCA) of asymmetric.

Elisabetta Sieni

Bioelectromagnetic, human exposure, electrochemotherapy, hyperthermia. Magnetic nanoparticles. Finite element methods for the design of electric and magnetic devices.

Roberto Turri

Power system analysis and simulation, smart grids and assessment and mitigation of human exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields

Piergiorgio Alotto

Computational electromagnetics, Electromagnetic device optimization

Fabio Bignucolo

Electrical power plants, renewable generation, distributed generation, smart grids, storage devices, stability of the electrical system, recharging stations, network and plant modeling

Energy Engineering

Ernesto Benini

Advanced Optimization Methods for Turbomachinery Flows. Numerical Design tools for Aircraft Propulsion Engines. Wind Turbine Aerodynamics.

Giorgio Pavesi

Design and Optimization of Turbine and Pumps. Instability in turbine-pumps and water storage management. Wind Turbines. Analysis and optimization of organic Rankine cycles for low temperature heat recovery. Optimization algorithms and their application in the energy conversion systems and machines.

Massimo Masi

Experimental and theoretical study of unconventional combustion for internal combustion engines. Design and CFD analysis of supercritical CO2 compressors. Experimental and CFD analysis and design of aeraulic turbomachines.

Marco Noro

Theoretic and experimental study of enhanced phase change material storage tanks for solar cooling systems. Dynamic simulation study of energy performance of integrated multi-source heat pump systems.

Angelo Zarrella

Energy efficiency in buildings. Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). Building envelope. Radiant systems. HVAC systems. Thermal comfort. Renewable energy. Ground source heat pump systems. Urban Modelling.

Luisa Rossetto

Enhanced heat transfer, with single phase flow of air or liquids and with condensation and vaporisation of refrigerants. Heat transfer with Phase change materials and metal foams or 3D printed metal structures.

Stefano Bortolin

Condensation and vaporization heat transfer. Microchannels. Dropwise condensation over engineered surfaces. Condensation in microgravity. Heat pumps. Heat pipes. Two-phase flow numerical simulations.

Laura Fedele

Systems and fluids characterized by low GWP, zero ODP and for energy savings. Nanofluids as energy vectors or operating fluids and PCM, also with the addition of nanoparticles, for applications in the energy and building sectors.

Giovanna Cavazzini

Design and optimization of fluid machines and energy system in design and off-design operating conditions. Optimal management and control of hydropower and pumped-hydropower plant in single and hybrid configuration. Cavitation and sediments. Waste heat.

Andrea Diani

Two-phase heat transfer of low GWP refrigerants inside small-sized channels with enhanced surfaces. Analysis of Phase Change Materials inside metal foams and periodic cellular structures.

Michele De Carli

IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality), HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems. Zero and Plus Energy Buildings. GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pumps). Energy models of buildings and districts.

Anna Stoppato

Energy efficiency in the industrial field, co- and multi-generative energy plants and complex energy systems. LCA. Hydrocavitation and its applications.

Andrea Lazzaretto

Optimization of the design and operation of energy conversion and storage units to increase efficiency, reduce costs, reduce environmental impact and mitigate the detrimental effects on climate change.

Francesca Cappelletti

Indoor Environmental Quality. Thermal comfort. Occupant Behavior. Building Energy Performance. Building Energy Modelling and Calibration. Building Energy Retrofit, Climatic change mitigation techniques. Building envelope energy performance. Multi-objectives optimization in building retrofit design.

Arturo Lorenzoni

Energy economics and regulation. Policies for sustainability and decarbonization of the energy sector. Renewable energy development and integration in the electricity grid.

Silvia Minetto

Refrigeration systems and heat pumps: application of natural working fluids to retail refrigeration, heat pumps, chillers, transport refrigeration. Optimisation of components and systems for the cold chain.

Lorenzo Moro

Heat and moisture transfer in insulating materials both from a theoretical standpoint (setting up a theoretical model of the phenomena) and from an experimental one (determination of thermal conductivity).

Davide Del Col

Two-phase heat transfer. Filmwise and dropwise condensation. Flow boiling. Refrigerants. Heat pumps and refrigeration. Solar thermal energy. Thermal energy storage.

Antonino Di Bella

Physics of the built environment. Indoor Environmental Quality. Applied acoustics. Acoustic properties of materials. Sound absorption and insulation. Outdoor noise reduction. Sound quality of industrial products. Sound optimisation of sound power emitted from machinery and equipment. HVAC noise.

Alberto Benato

Design, optimization and dynamic analysis of power generation units, energy storage, waste heat recovery units, and hybrid systems. Life cycle assessment of energy power units

Materials Engineering

Paolo Colombo

Additive manufacturing of ceramics. Geopolymers. Polymer-Derived-Ceramics. Porous ceramics.

Alberto Ortona

Hybrid materials. Ceramics. Additive manufacturing.

Enrico Negro

Development of functional materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices (fuel cells, secondary batteries, redox flow batteries): synthesis, characterization, tests in prototypes.

Monica Dettin

Design of biomaterials. Covalent functionalization of metallic, ceramic, polymeric materials with synthetic peptides to promote cell interaction.

Andrea Bagno

Biomaterials and biological tissues characterization; biological heart valves; hybrid membranes; total artificial heart. Phonocardiography. Microcirculation analysis by LDF.

Paolo Sgarbossa

Synthesis and characterization of organometallic compounds for catalysis and biological applications. Synthesis of nanomaterials and nanocomposites. Synthesis of ion conductiong polymers for electrochemical applications.

Giovanni Lucchetta

Injection molding of post-consumer recycled plastics. Micro injection molding of micro-structured functional surfaces. Digital manufacturing of polymeric materials. Advanced molding technologies for reinforced plastics.

Silvia Todros

Experimental analysis of the mechanical properties of biomaterials and biological tissues. Computational modelling of biological tissues and structures. Hydrogels for tissue engineering.

Lucia Nicola

Computational (multiscale-)modeling of the mechanical behavior of materials, with main focus on metal plasticity and contact mechanics.

Stefano Corradetti

Production and characterization of porous ceramics for nuclear applications.

Angelo Simone

Computational mechanics. Multiscale and multiphysics modeling. Generalized finite element method. Fracture and damage mechanics of quasi-brittle materials. Batteries. Composite materials.

Stefania Bruschi

Development of sustainable manufacturing processes applied to difficult-to-form and difficult-to-cut materials.

Irene Calliari

Phase transformation of stainless steel, heat treatment by pulsed and continuous current.

Enrico Bernardo

Upcycling of inorganic waste into valuable glass-based materials. Development of silicate bioceramics from novel raw materials and novel processing.

Piero Pavan

Computational biomechanics. Mechanical characterization of soft tissues by means of experimental and computational methods. Muscular tissue mechanics.

Roberta Bertani

Preparation and characterization of organometallic compounds and functional materials for catalysis and biological applications. Synthesis of multifunctional nanocomposites. Biomasses valorization.

Giorgia Franchin

Additive manufacturing of ceramics. Novel feedstocks: geopolymers, preceramic polymers, sol-gel route. Hybrid and multimaterial technologies.

Monica Fabrizio

Integration of ceramic materials in RES devices

Emanuele Luigi Carniel

Mechanics of biological tissues and structures for in silico medicine

Mechanical Engineering

Mauro Ricotta

Development of energy methods for fatigue life assessment of metallic and polymeric materials. Static and fatigue behaviour of composite and polymeric materials.

Giulio Rosati

Kinematics, dynamics and control of mechanical systems. Optimization of industrial robotic systems and automated production lines. Human-robot interaction and medical robotics.

Andrea Ghiotti

Manufacturing processes and systems. Material forming. Machining. Post additive manufacturing processing. Tribology. Machines and characterization of thermal-related aspects for the control of micro-scale phenomena.

Alberto Campagnolo

Development of local approaches for structural durability analysis of welded components and structures. Analysis of the static and fatigue behaviour of notched components in metallic materials.

Simone Carmignato

Precision engineering. Dimensional metrology. Advanced manufacturing. Additive manufacturing. Industrial computed tomography.

Enrico Savio

Digital and Zero-Defect Manufacturing, with a focus on in-process metrology, metrology of freeform surfaces, surface topography and microparts, including the economics of measurements in industry.

Giovanni Meneghetti

Local approaches for assessing the structural integrity and durability of mechanical components and welded structures. Experimental analysis of strains and in-field load data acquisition. Energy-based methods in fatigue.

Mattia Manzolaro

Development of High Temperature Targets and Ion Sources for the production of Radioactive Ion Beams. Multiphysics Simulation.

Roberto Lot

Dynamics and Control of Road and Race Vehicles. Motorcycle Dynamics. Vehicle Safety and Sustainability.

Alberto Doria

Vibration mechanics and control. Vibration energy harvesting. Robot vibrations. Identification of mechanical systems. Stability and comfort of bicycles.

Silvio Cocuzza

Aerial robotic manipulation. Space, inspection and maintenance robotics. Soft robotics, biorobotics. Industrial, collaborative and agrifood robotics. Biomedical systems and robots. Haptics.

Leonardo De Chiffre

Metal cutting: mechanics of chip formation; friction and lubrication; tests. Metalworking tribology. Geometrical metrology: surface characterisation; coordinate metrology; traceability of measurements on coordinate measuring machines, optical scanners and CT-scanners; accredited calibration and testing.

Giulio Fanti

Mechanical and thermal measurements. Turin Shroud research.

Ilaria Palomba

Theoretical and experimental investigations in the fields of mechanics of machines, mechanical vibrations, multibody dynamics, and robotics and automation.

Matteo Massaro

Vehicle dynamics. Multibody modelling. Mechanical vibrations.

Marco Sorgato

Process chain design for micro manufacturing. Micro machining of difficult-to-cut alloys. Micro injection molding of micro-structured functional surfaces. Injection molding of high-performance plastic parts.

Nicola Petrone

Design and construction of machine components and mechanical systems. Analysis and evaluation of Sport Equipments & Rehabilitation Devices. Development of human body surrogates, orthotic, prosthetic and protective equipments.

Basilio Lenzo

Vehicle dynamics and control. Torque vectoring on electric vehicles with multiple motors. Autonomous drifting. Vehicle state estimation. Gravity balancing for robotic manipulators.

Francesca Uccheddu

Reverse Engineering, Geometric models of free-form surfaces or mechanical components, Design for Additive Manufacturing, Innovative design methods, Medical Device Design