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PNRR Call for Applications – Out now

A new call for applications for the PhD program in Industrial Engineering has been published. All projects will include a 6-month period abroad and most projects will include at least 6 months of research in a company. The call for application is available both in Italian (at this link) and in English (at this link).…
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UNIPhD – Two research topics have been granted

The final rankings for the UNIPhD Doctoral Program have been published on the dedicated page. We are pleased to announce that two research grants have been funded for the academic year 2022/23. Congratulations to the winners Lorena Kostelac and Yash Vyas and good luck with your UNIPhD journey.

Oral Evaluations – Out Now

The oral examination marks have been published in the Admission page. Please note that the official final rankings will be published on the 1st of July, as indicated in the announcement page.

Evaluation of Qualifications and Oral Exam – Out now

Candidates’ qualifications have been evaluated and the rankings have been published on the Admission page. Along with the rankings, the oral exam schedule has been published. In such a document, only the candidates admitted to the oral exam have been listed. Please note that all the candidates that have chosen to undertake the oral exam…
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